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Sentinel2 - Cubic resampling - ArcMap vs. QGIS

Question asked by Piskota on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by jsantosaeroterra-esridist

Hi guys,

I am having problem with cubic resampling applied on Sentinel S2 (resolution 10 m). I set Cubic resample when Zoom In, but the result is still the same - pixelated.


I have tried the same sentinel in ArcMap with Cubic resampling and there was good - blurred result.


Is there solution for this? I don´t understand where is problem.


This is picture from QGIS 3.4. - cubic is set, but as you can see - it is not smooth. I have tried it with QGIS 3.8. but the result is still the same.


Thank you.