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Use ArcGIS Online Print Service with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1

Question asked by clinton.ballandis on Nov 26, 2019



I'm working through implementing ESRI's ArcGIS security implementation guidelines for ArcGIS Enterprise .  

ArcGIS Enterprise implementation guidance—ArcGIS Trust Center | Documentation


I note that one of the recommendations is to use an ArcGIS Online print service instead of the ArcGIS Server print service for publicly facing applications.


I found the the following print service


However, I as far as I'm aware I can't create and use custom Print Templates with this ArcGIS online print service. Therefore,  I cant use the ArcGIS online solution and need to use a print service from my ArcGIS server.


The documentation above suggests that if you want to use a custom print service on an ArcGIS server then the Server itself should be in the DMZ. My enterprise configuration has the ArcGIS Server that hosts the print service behind a corporate firewall with a webadaptor in the DMZ. If all traffic is being routed through the webadaptor is this still a security risk?


If not and ESRI are going to recommending using an ArcGIS Online Print service then you should be able to create custom print templates?