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Move feature classes out of feature dataset

Question asked by Olov.Melinesri-se-esridist Employee on Nov 27, 2019
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I have an enterprise geodatabase with a number of feature datasets. Every feature dataset has a number of feature classes and relationship classes. The relationship classes are pointing to feature classes in the same feature dataset but also to feature classes in other feature dataset in the sama geodatabase.


The geodatabase is used by ArcGIS Server, FME and various scripts that we don't want to remake.


Is there a method or way to move all feature classes and relationship classes to the root of the geodatabase? I know that it doesn't matter for the arcgis server and FME if the feature class is in an feature dataset or the root, it will find it anyway. However, I have big time issues with moving/copying this relationship classes. If I simply use the method of copying data with new name -->delete old files and rename the new, the relationship classes will stop working.


Is this an dead end? Better to delete all reationship classes, move data and make new ones?