Need Help Configuring Portal For ArcGIS Enterprise With F5!

Discussion created by jthornton_KCKBPU on Nov 26, 2019

We are in the process of configuring Portal For ArcGIS Enterprise High Availability with redundancy. So far we have completed the following steps:


1. Set up the portal content directory on a file server. (GISFILESRV01)

2. Installed and configure the first portal machine. (GISPORTAL01)

3. Installed and configure the second portal machine. (GISPORTAL02)


Please see diagram that is attached:


1. We have a F5 load balancer in the DMZ that scans encrypted traffic (443) and de-crypts the traffic and converts it to http (80). We also have 2 webservers in the DMZ (WEBSERV1 and WEBSERV2). Do we need web adapters here?

Inside our corp network we have 2 Portal machines GISPORTAL01 and GISPORTAL02, 2 ArcGIS Servers (ARCSRV01 and ARCSRV02), 1 Newtork FIle Server to share content and configurations from ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS, 2 Data Stores (GISDATAST01 and GISDATAST02) and 2 MSSQL (SQL01 and SQL02). 


We help in setting this up with the F5 device. Any help would be great!




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