Comparing 3D Cross Sections from different DEMs

Discussion created by rmcfarlandcp on Nov 25, 2019

Hi all, 


I am currently working on analyzing topographic data collected over a span of 3 years on the same stream reach. The analyses require I develop a cross-sectional profile at the same exact location for each year to compare the geomorphic change of the stream channel. I am using the 3D Analyst extension and the "Interpolate Line" function to complete this task. I have built a separate DEM layer for each year from the associated survey data.


After selecting a DEM layer in the 3D Analyst drop-down menu, I draw the line where the cross section is to be developed and export the profile graph data to Excel. I want to be able to use the same exact line for a different DEM layer that I select in the drop-down menu, but the "new" profile graph is still created from the DEM I had previously selected. 


Is there a way to produce two separate cross-sectional profile graphs, each from a different DEM, using the same 3D Analyst line at one specific location? I am hoping to avoid redrawing the line each time in order to keep the analyses consistent.


It should also be noted that I am basing the cross-sections on an existing polyline feature class layer that represents the location of the cross sections. Is there a method of extracting cross-sectional points from a DEM layer using these polylines?


Thank you for any and all feedback!