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Does Explorer require ArcGIS Enterprise to load "views" into map?

Question asked by dhughell on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by JColville-esristaff

I am unable to use "Views" with Explorer. I create the View in ArcGIS Online, but then in Explorer when I click on the overflow menu (3 dots) I do not see the option to select a view. I also cannot see the option to add offline area. This gives me the ideas that these features in Explorer require ArcGIS Enterprise login (i.e. do not work with ArcGIS Online).


When I create the view in ArcGIS Online I temporally see the "packaging" message, which leads me to believe it is creating a mobile map package (mmpk). If I could find the mmpk file I would side-load these only my device, solving my problem. Can someone tell we where mmpk files are stored in ArcGIS Online?