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Question asked by jborgion Champion on Nov 22, 2019
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ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0


In Scoring options with Create Locator  we discussed changing properties of the new style locators.  Having gone in to Properties pane for a new locator and made some adjustments, I'm still a little fuzzy as to what's going on.


The locator itself is a single role street address with alternate names.Using the locate tool interactively it appears to be working as designed: here are the properties as I've set them:



However, when I enter an address that I know is way out of range, I get a suggestion of just the street name:



And the 'A' location is located along a segment of S State St with a range of 6790-6849.


How do I suppress this type of suggestion? Is it possible to get a return of 'Address Not Found'?


What's the deal with the arbitrary location of the suggested address?  Just curious about that...



Brad Niemand