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ArcGIS Monitor Does not show any data

Question asked by apurvdanke on Nov 25, 2019
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We have been extracting reports from ArcGIS Monitor on a daily basis, monitoring ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Since last few days there is no data in the report. All reports are the same, and few tabs in the report excel sheet are missing. If I try to see graphs on the ArcGIS Monitor dashboard, I see a message "No data available".


Interestingly this is happening only for one of the collectors, the other collector is getting data correctly. Any suggestions on what could be the reason the collection is failing for one of the collectors?


Versions as given below.

ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1

ArcGIS Server 10.4.1

Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1