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Mosaic to New Raster does not output all data

Question asked by tjsmith7 on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by tjsmith7

Using ArcGIS Pro - Mosaic to New Raster.  I have a mosaic with 650 images (~50 Gb) that I am trying to convert to a TIF or JP2 (~32 Gb). The process will usually complete with no errors, however the image will be incomplete and stops compiling in the middle of images, causing striping areas. See Image.  I have tried smaller subsets of the mosaic with the same effect.  I also tried outputting a smaller subset to GRID output, and that sometimes has worked - probably when I changed Mosaic Operator from 'Last' to 'First'. I do not know how to troubleshoot the issue other than repetition.  Some of the original images do have different resolution, but that doesn't seem to affect the output. Also file size and system resources do not seem to be issues based on subset trials.Streaky final.