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IDW surfaces created using wizard and toolbox are different

Question asked by ajfigueroa on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Dan_Patterson

I am running an IDW using the Geostatistical Wizard and a layer is created. However, when I try to export that layer into a raster, the surface changes almost completely, meaning values are added or changed in ways I do not understand. I have also tried running IDW outside the Geostatistical Wizard with the exact same parameters I used in the wizard and the IDW surfaces generated never match those created by the wizard. I am ensuring my environments/extent do not change in any of these. I am attaching a screenshot of both surfaces - the one with more red/higher values was created using the "export layer to rasters" method.


thank you for any help, I don't know what I'm doing wrong!IDW surface created using the toolbox


IDW surface created using the geostatistical wizard