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Rollback or transaction Scope on applyEdits

Question asked by on Nov 21, 2019

We are using rest services (NA Services)  to Solve Route and on client side we are using Arcgis javascript api

Now our requirement is that , we have 1 route and we want to store that route and its barrier both for that we have to make 2 database calls using applyEdits method on 2 different layers 1st to store route and  2nd to store barrier 


PROBLEM : Now suppose route is saved successfully but some error occurs while saving on of the  barrier now as they are not saved is there any option to create transaction that either both are saved or both should  rollback. we have seen option in applyEdit rollbackonError but it is valid on single layer only and we have 2 separate layer so how to combine them in single transaction ?   


Can anyone Help ?