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DEM Reconditioning tool - DEM size limit?

Question asked by javier.llorenteesri-es-esridist Employee on Nov 20, 2019
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Dear ArcHydro team,


One of our Customer from Spain has problems running of the DEM Reconditioning tool (Terrain Preprocessing \ DEM Manipulation \ DEM Reconditioning). When he executes the tool with a DEM with a size of 15 Gb the tool runs fine but if the DEM has a size of 90 Gb the tool shows an error (IsNull), I don't know if there is a size limit, could you answer me if there is a size limit?.


He wants to execute the tool with a DEM with 2 meters of pixel (96Gb), with a 5 meters DEM (15Gb) the tool runs fine. He tried with diffrents DEM with different size and always when the size of the DEM is greater than 15 Gb (60 Gb, 70Gb, 80Gb, 90 Gb) the tool shows the error.


I have increase the virtual memory of the machine but always shows the same error, the machines has enought RAM memory (64Gb) and the tool has been excuted in ArcMAp 10.6.1 with Background Geoprocesing 64bits.


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I don't know if there is a size limit or could be other thing, Do you have executed the tool with a DEM of 90 Gb of size ?.


Thanks in advanced.


Best regards,


Javi L.