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Circular polygons created in ArcSDE Geodatabase

Question asked by nccmaAGOL on Nov 19, 2019
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I have a polygon feature class within an ArcSDE Geodatbase.


Within ArcMap I have created a polygon using the Circle edit tool.


I am now accessing the data within SQL Server 2017.


My question is can I programmatically identify that this polygon is a Circle within SQL server?

I can obviously identify the feature with statements such as:

SELECT Shape.STGeometryType();  RETURNS Polygon

SELECT Shape.STAsText();  RETURNS POLYGON ((2423859.4153780821 2495265.7907268363, 2423859.4101329744 2495265.7907232433,.....)) plus many more vertices.


But these don't delve into the feature geometry detail I require.

I would like to dig deeper and identify that the feature is circular and contains curves.


The primary reason I ask is I have another feature class with thousands of records and some of them are circular polygons. Once I identify them I intend on cleaning them up (simplifying to envelopes and deleting where possible) to improve performance on our various clients.


Any help would be appreciated.