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ArcGIS Pro Pop-Ups not working with IP Address

Question asked by PScipio@mesaaz.gov_MesaAZ on Nov 19, 2019

I have a layer for our cameras.  They can be accessed via IP address in a browser.  If I copy/paste IP address in browser it works.  In ArcMap I used hyperlinks (URL option) and it worked with the hyperlink tool.  But in ArcGIS Pro it's not working.  I selected Text, selected the field, highlighted it, clicked on hyperlink pulldown, set the field ({IPAddress})  as URL, put description in (open camera...).  But when I click on a point, I can see the hyperlink description, nothing happens when I click on it. 


UPDATE/SOLVED:  I figured it out while typing this question, so I'm posting with my solution:  I created an expression in POPUP, then when I select from list of fields for hyperlink, it shows expression and I use that rather than field with IP address.  Expression used Concatenate("http://", {IPAddress})