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Unwanted <br> tags added when customizing popup

Question asked by franklin.alexander on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by franklin.alexander

I am trying to customize a popup using the local layer widget and for some reason there is a lot of extra space at the top. After investigating, I found that about 20 or so <br> tags are being placed (not by me) before any of the content and I want to know how to keep this from happening. 


popup html:

<div style="width:250px;">
<table style="width:100%;">
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Entrance Name:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333">{NAME_ENT}</td>
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Management Type:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333">{TYPE_MGT}</td>
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Entrance Type:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333">{TYPE_ENT}</td>
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Website:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333"><a href="{WEBSITE}" target="_blank">Website</a></td>
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Longitude:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333">{LON_dd}</td>
        <td style="color:#a6a6a6"><b><i>Latitude:  </i></b></td>
        <td style="color:#333333">{LAT_dd}</td>

<a href="  &amp;daddr={LAT_dd},{LON_dd}" target="_blank">Directions</a>


popup looks like this:

screenshot of popup


Here is the console:



I have the popup configured exactly the same way in the web map and it looks extra space at the top.

Thanks for any ideas as to what is causing this.