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Display-based bilinear interpolation across 180

Question asked by jrdavies on Nov 19, 2019

Can ArcGIS Desktop or Pro interpolate values across the 180 meridian if the data are stored in a -180 to 180 projection but are being viewed in a projection that spans 180? I know I can physically project the data to achieve this, but this is problematic if I am working with netCDF data with multiple temporal snapshots. In this particular case I am looking at gridded surface temperature anomaly data from NASA in NC format, and the polar view data they produce via Panoply is smooth and seamless at 180, but I can't figure out how to get ArcGIS (pro or desktop) to resample the data across the 180 seam using bilinear interpolation to make the temperature gradients seamless. I've attached screen grabs of the ArcGIS polar view and the view as produced by NASA via Panoply.


Note that I know I can overcome this by physically projecting the DATA in to a polar projection so that there isn't a seam at 180, but I would like to know if it is possible to apply bilinear interpolation directly to a native netCDF(NC) file in the DISPLAY.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!