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Text-to-Speech for other languages in QuickCapture Windows app

Question asked by newtrino on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2020 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

Hi all,

I am currently creating a QuickCapture project in Thai language and after saving the project, I open it in the recently released Windows app. However, the Text-to-Speech functionality does not work for Thai Buttons. It works fine for English. Is there a way to change the TTS setting in the Windows App.



  • The iOS and Android apps support TTS for other languages (Thai, Japanese, Chinese etc...) by setting the device's TTS service to the respective language required (Google/Apple TTS)
  • I have attempted changing Windows 10' TTS service to Thai but QuickCapture still won't read Thai buttons. (Only English is read).(Thai is Microsoft Pattara)