Problem with displaying line data!

Discussion created by spk578 on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by spk578

I have been building up a database of wadi's in western/southern Iraq, by drawing simple lines overlaying satellite data as a basemap in ArcGIS10. I was then intending them to rank the wadi's for symbology reasons. However I find that the first few I created last week have vanished from the feature class I have been adding to.

Now, stranger still, those same wadi lines that disappeared appear from time to time upon loading into ArcMap but disappear again on zooming or any interaction with the interface...I NEED some help on this since tracing wadi's is time consuming and I am wasting time chasing this...

the data exists in the attribute table and will 'flash' as lines on the map but cannot be selected, edited, highlighted or anything! I have NOT edited the data at all...and I havce no idea what can be done with this issue.

Thank you in advance.