Define multiple locations for output of geoprocessing

Discussion created by pperoni on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2011 by clm42
Hi All,

I have what I think is a rether simple question, but I'm new to Python, so I'm sorry if there is an obvious answer to this.

I have a script which performs a series of common geoprocesses on a number of feature classes (FCs) stored in a single FileGeodatabase (FGDB). What I want is to "dump" the geoprocessed FCs onto 3 different FGDBs. I think I what I need to do is, instead of defining a single workspace as the single output FGDB (OutputWs = path_to_single_FGDB), to define a list of FGDBs, maybe through a dictionary of listworkspace? How can I impement this in my script? How can I declare within the script which FC goes into which FGDB?

Thanks in advance