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ArcGIS Pro modified feature is deleted

Question asked by PChristensenGIS on Nov 15, 2019
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What are your workflows to modify parcels in ArcGIS Pro? Not a Parcel Fabric, I am using traditional parcel polygons and lines with topology rules.

Do I have unrealistic expectations for these tools? Should I be using a different tool to accomplish the same task?

I am in Pro 2.4.2, using locally stored data in a File Geodatabase. 

The tools that are misbehaving and their behavior is as follows:

Modify Features > Divide > Split:

Using Interactive split, I select the line I wish to split, and click the location where I wish the line to be split. The expected behavior for this tool is to split the line, creating two separate line features. In reality, the tool deleted the entire line. 

Using By Feature split, I select the Input Feature; the line that will act as the split point, and I select the Target Feature as the line that will be split. The tool completely deleted the target feature instead of splitting it into two features.

The line I am attempting to split is considered a "Dangle", and I will be deleting the small segment that is split off from the main feature anyway, so lets try the "Extend or Trim" tool.

Modify Features > Reshape > Extend or Trim:

Select the line to be modified, select the dangle to be trimmed, the segment turns gray with dashed lines indicating the correct segment is selected. However, the extend or trim failed for unknown reasons.

The Error Inspector can handle dangles!

Error Inspector

Topology Rules are as follows and have worked flawlessly in ArcMap.

Polygons must not have gaps or overlaps and must be covered by lines.

Lines must not Overlap, Intersect, have dangles, must be covered by Polygons, and must not intersect or touch interior.

Selecting the Error "Must Not Intersect or Touch Interior" (which ensures that all line segments terminate at an intersection with another line) and selecting the fix "Split", completely deletes the offending line feature instead of splitting it at the intersection as it does in ArcMap.

I was not able to attempt fixing other errors as the Error Inspector locked up and became unresponsive. In the meantime, I hopped onto ArcMap and fixed all errors without hassle with several clicks...