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Changing Symbology for Selected Values Only

Question asked by on Nov 15, 2019
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In ArcMap when you had a symbology set up and wanted to change a few of the features, you could just select those and then apply a general symbology to those that you selected.


  In Pro, I'm not seeing that option and only see the option of formatting all the symbols and not just a few that I have selected.


  I've tried a few things as I'm able to select the values I want, but the only thing I can get working on those selected values is to Right-Click and change the color, but not the line types or anything else.


  Is there a way to change the format of the symbols for just those that you selected (shown in blue highlight in ProSelectioni.jpg)?



  Another issue is when I choose to Format All Symbols, I'm given a limited amount of Property options (ProSelection_2.jpg) compared to singly clicking on a symbol where I get all the options (ProSelection_3.jpg)?