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Getting error  000743: Reconcile failed during replication synchronization, when I try to synchronize a check-out to a distributed geodatabase

Question asked by Andrew.Morgan_qgsp on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2019 by Andrew.Morgan_qgsp

I am trying to run a script to synchronize changes from a check-out to a sde distributed geodatabase by using arcpy.Synchronize_Changes_management. I constantly get an error stating the reconciliation failed during synchronization. This is despite me explicitly stating in the script that I do not wish to reconcile. See below for the python snippet.


arcpy.SynchronizeChanges_management(Replica_data, replica_name, Parent_gdb, "FROM_GEODATABASE1_TO_2", "IN_FAVOR_OF_GDB1", "BY_OBJECT", "DO_NOT_RECONCILE")


Any help would be appreciated.