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Feature Report Error After Republishing

Question asked by ITTENBJD@Lee_County_FL.gov_LeeGIS on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by ITTENBJD@Lee_County_FL.gov_LeeGIS

I've had a survey published to Enterprise 10.6 from Survey123 Connect 3.5 and was able to run Feature Reports without issue.  The survey edits an existing hosted feature service.


After updating Survey123 Connect to 3.6 I republished one of the surveys and am running into an "Item specified by surveyItemId does not exist or is not accessible" error when attempting to generate a report or sample template. 


In order to try and isolate the issue I've:

  • Published a new feature service and a new survey
  • Successfully generated a Feature Report
  • Made a change in the settings portion of Connect (changed the background color)
  • Republished the survey
  • Now the Feature Report generates the surveyItemId error


Making changes to the XLSForm don't appear to create any issues.  Another survey that is still version 3.5 continues to generate reports without issue.  I've been unable to reproduce the error in ArcGIS Online.


Any ideas?  Or maybe a link to download version 3.5 for further testing?