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ArcMap Symbology plus ArcPro not so much

Question asked by L@coconinocounty on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by bfausel

I perform a monthly task for our Fire Departments. I create a map of all call event types for Fire chiefs to visualize call data.  It is a very straightforward task. 


I have tried to bring this over into the Arc Pro environment. All is good until I import the montly call data.


I use unique values > typecode as the field.  This brings all the call data from my spreadsheet now converted to point attribute table in so I can give it counts and symbolize types.


There are certain call types that I do not want to show or symbolize at all due to its sensitive nature.  In ArcMap this was very simple. what ever value I did not want I highlighted and was able to remove only that value.


ArcMap Symbology


In ArcPro I have scoured the textbook, online searches, here in the forums and cannot find how to remove just one, two of the typecodes.....  Why is this made so difficult?  Is there a simple solution that I am not finding??  Or shall I go back to ArcMap to accomplish my monthly task.  And yes I know I can put them at the bottom and have blank symbology but it makes extra spaces in my legend that I do not want.


ArcPro Symbology