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Asset inspections using related tables in Survey123 and Collector

Question asked by BoyumS@stlouiscountymn.gov_slcgis on Nov 12, 2019
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Ismael Chivite, James Tedrick


Our Public Works Department would like create an Asset Inspection workflow using Collector and Survey123. The idea is to view the asset on the map in Collector, tap on it, and be able to edit existing attributes if needed. In addition, there would also be an embedded Survey123 URL in the pop-up that would open a Survey123 form with questions related to asset inspections. Once an inspection has been submitted, we would like to view past inspection records by clicking on the asset in Collector and viewing the related records. The goal is to have the inspection related to the feature and not have a new feature created with every inspection.


I have set up a secured feature service with both the features to be inspected and an empty related table for inspections that are being related with GlobalID and GUID. I created a survey in Connect using the feature service as a template and set the survey submission URL to read a secured feature service that passes through AGOL (with credentials stored) from our ArcGIS Server.


Next, I open the survey from the pop-up in Collector (using the custom URL scheme) and fill out the form in Survey123. The problem I’m running into is when I submit the survey, it’s not just going into the related table, but it’s also creating a new feature in the feature class. I just want the inspection to be a related record to the asset I’m inspecting and not create a whole new feature for each survey. Is there a way I can set up this workflow so that each inspection (survey) is related to the asset I’m inspecting without creating a new point?