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How do you filter data in the map view in Portal?

Question asked by Christopher.Bride on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Christopher.Bride

In ArcGIS portal, I cannot get the map to filter out data through the category selector. I have all the actions set up so that all the charts and graphs talk to each other, but having selections talk to the map has not been successful.

Here, the data selector is set to "No Data Selected", and we see Sideswipe, Rear End, and Other types of data points:

Here, sideswipe is selected but all of the other points are still present:

One of the issues is that the Map frame is not listed in the Actions menu when configuring the data selector:


when configuring the map, the option does not appear either:

And when Map Actions is selected, it basically looks the same so I'll spare you the graphic. Is it possible that this is not within the functionality of Portal? 

Other info: This is an Ops Dashboard template, and the data was published to Portal as a service. Due to my task requirements I need to have this work as a service, not on a hosted layer. All of the other other graphs and charts respond to the data selector and to map extent. The map data will not filter when a graph or chart bar/region is selected either. I would love to see that too. 

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