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ArcGIS Pro is insisting on a curve

Question asked by schooroo on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by ABarMaor-esristaff

Hello!!  I'm running into this issue where after I use the traverse tool a few times, and do other things, and come back to it, it will no longer create & move down to the next course after I enter a distance for the first course.  The cursor moves to Radius and regardless of how I fill out those fields, the traverse refuses to acknowledge my course.  I've tried saving (because lots of screwy little annoyances right themselves when I save), and closing the traverse pane & trying again. Inevitably I have to restart Pro.  Do you have any ideas why this is happening to me?  Could it be because I'm working on several different maps during one session? I do try to be conscientious and open the modify features pane fresh when I go between maps, but I can't find the pattern of why it works for a while, and then it won't. Thanks!