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Publishing Network Analyst Routing Service from ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by jngreen516 on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by jngreen516

I am working to upgrade my network analyst web services to be published from ArcGIS Pro but am running into some issues with the output route geometry from the NA service. The output geometry is generalized and does not follow the geometry of the streets used as the input.


I have taken the service properties from the same service published through ArcMap, which does align with my streets layer, and updated the service properties published from the ArcGIS Pro project to match. This does not resolve the issue. I thought that it might have to do with the Default Output Geometry Precision noted in the service properties here: Network analysis services—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise but that service property value is not specified.


I am working with a standalone ArcGIS Server at 10.7. Please see the two screenshots below. The red line is the output from the NA service which does not align with my streets layer published from ArcGIS Pro where the service published from ArcMap does. Has any experienced anything similar?


NA Service published from ArcGIS Pro




NA Service published from ArcMap