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can I create a group in a survey I have published

Question asked by on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by bstokes-esristaff

Hi can you look at my survey i created in Survey123.

I have published the Survey, i need to ask for help to retro edit and go back and split a segment of the survey into 2 groups in order to direct the submitter to a: "you answered no now answer" or

"you answered yes" this prompts the submitter to go in two different directions for two questions but then return back to the same set of questions, I have tried to set a rule for this multiple yes choices(3) or one no choice. I can only set the rule to "you answered no" brings up two questions back to back the submitter must answer to if they have selected no. That's perfect. The problem is when I set a rule for the three additional selections that all require the submitter to bypass the two " you selected no" questions, and be directed to the single question titled "you answered yes". I positioned the two no questions right after the selection question to accommodate the no selection. I then have the single "you answered yes" question positioned after the two no questions, Therefore I only have to set one rule you selected yes jump the two no questions to arrive at the yes. I then set the instructions to: if you select no go to question titled "you selected select why, right after that the submitter meets the second "You selected select why. I set the rule for "you selected yes to skip the two "you selected no questions, and to go to "you selected yes" but when I test the survey and I select yes, I am not directed to the "you selected yes..I am directed to the "you selected no" but I keep setting the rule for you selected yes but it will not work