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Copy and Paste a layer/symbology from one ArcGIS Pro frame to another

Question asked by on Nov 7, 2019
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I am new to arcGIS Pro and am getting frustrated with the difficulty of performing seemingly easy tasks when it comes to layouts and formatting layer symbologies. What I am trying to do is create and edit shapefiles in a map frame in ArcGIS Pro, and then simply add these new layers with their respective symbology into a layout frame I already have designed and opened in the same ArcGIS Pro instance.  In ArcMap this was not a problem since the map and layout views were linked to exactly the same contents, but with arcGIS Pro my map and layout frames have different content panes.


I thought I could simply use the copy/paste option in the ribbon to bring layers from the map frame into one of my layouts, but since the ribbon is based upon which frame is active, that does not work.


In ArcMap I also used to drag and drop a layer from one opened mxd into another in order to quickly import a different symbology; this also works in ArcGIS Pro if I open two different ArcGIS Pro instances. I can drag and drop layers from the map frame of my second instance (the read-only instance since my company only has a single license) into the layout frame I have activated in my first instance, but this is an annoying work-around way of doing it. 


Any  ideas would be appreciated, and I am by no means a GIS expert so I could have simply missed something.

- Thanks