zonal statistics median gives error 010067

Discussion created by rwilliams_USDAERS on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by abonnyca25
I'm getting the '010067: Error in executing grid expression' error when running the zonal statistics as table tool, selecting all statistics to be run. If I run the zonal statistics tool (output grid) using median I get the same error. However, if I run zonal statistics using mean, the tool completes successfully. I would ideally like to have a median value per zone, as well as other statistics specified in the ALL option.
The zones are gridded counties, with the VALUE being the integer of FIPS. The value raster is integer type with values ranging from 1012 to 522731. Running version 10, service pack 1.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why this tool does not work using these specs?