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App Studio Quick Report Hide Login(Server Dialog)

Question asked by JonAnde on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by orlo_d

Hi, I'm working on a data sourcing app based on Quick Report Template and I'm trying to set it up for public to input data through the app but not having access to all of the data on the back end as some of it may be sensitive. I'll setup a "View" for the lalyer separately.


I've hard coded the user name and pass per suggestion here: Using FeatureServiceManager

The problem is the "Log In"(Serverr Dialog) window still pops up asking for User Name and Password(the first time app is used). Although clicking "Sign In" proceeds to wrok, it would still be confusing to users.

Is there a way to skip it completely?

What is the best strategy to pursue?


Best I could tell it gets triggered because the app can't find the generated token(the first time it is run).

I tried generating token at startup but the dialog is still being triggered.

Is there a way to somehow force it to proceed as if "Sign In" was clicked? Instead of waiting for user input. Or make it invisible?

I'm using App Studio 4.


Any advice is much appreciated.




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