Model Builder

Discussion created by alison.bowyer on Mar 16, 2011

I am trying to semi-automate a process we need to repeat regularly but am having issues with Model Builder.  It seems to work sometimes but not others, and i can't seem to get it to work in a single model.

I am attempting to:
1) join codepoint to a boundary file which will vary depending on the dataset to be joined
2) join this to my own data (joining onto the data as some postcodes are repeated)
3) create an xy event theme which i then want to export to a seperate file but can't seem to get the copy features to work unless it is in a seperate model. 
4) run summary statistics to aggregate the data by the boundary type
5) join this to the boundary file so that it is mapped

Ideally I wanted the model to be as flexible as possible so that it will work with a range of datasets, but i am having issues with the parameters as you do not know what the field names will be when they are merged.

I am new to building the models so any help people can give me would be much appreciated or if someone has a script that does part or all of the above process it would be very helpful.