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Experience Builder First Impressions (04 NOV)

Question asked by mschoelen-esristaff Employee on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by mschoelen-esristaff

Off the bat, there is a ton of value in the Experience Builder. It looks at the whole picture and incorporates the data, the story behind the data, and all of the related information into a single view. Great job! A few of my impressions and questions are below:


1. Auto-expanding sections

Currently, if you add text, that box has a set height and does not expand automatically if the screen width is compressed. Ideally when switching to a mobile view, it would be nice to not have sub-scroll bars.


I think I saw that you can toggle to Mobile View then select Custom Content Width and resize there for mobile view. Is that the ideal workflow?


Scroll bar appears when window is compressed


2. Adding dynamic legends

It would be nice to add a legend below the map, much like this other product. Ideally, the legend text could be created dynamically. Am I missing where the legend option is? Or is that a later release?


3. Adding tables

Will it be possible to add tables as a text object?


4. Widget options cut off

When resizing the builder window, some of the widget options get cut off without the ability to scroll.



5. Scrolling in mobile live preview mode


Again it's possible I'm missing something, but I can't scroll when in Mobile Live mode.