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Issues publishing raster to AOL

Question asked by Callum.Reid on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by PKlingman-esristaff



I am trying to upload a raster to AOL. I have so far tried publishing as Web Map (Arcgis Pro) or as Service (Arcmap 10.7.1.). 


Initially, I tried using Arcmap and shared the layer as service. I tried sharing both vector and raster at once, which should be possible, however my vector data published fine, raster was not visible (checked visible scale ranges). From there I tried different things. I reduced cache size, from what I require (Town - Household at 13gb) down to even single scale ranges (10mb). I've tried just publishing the raster (as vector seems to publish just fine). In all attempts, the analysis shows no issues and preview works just fine.


So, feeling a bit defeated I then went to Arcgis Pro, which tells me, again, that there are no issues. It publishes the Web Map, however when checking the Job Queue, it shows me that the Web Tile Layer, my raster file, has failed. Upon checking the log I see that it has a ''problem submitting tile  caching job''. All other statusses are either InProgress, Pending, or Succeeded. Whatever I try, I cannot seem to publish this raster.  


Has anyone ever encountered issues uploading raster? I've done it in the past and have never had issues. At the moment, It seems that regardless of what I try, it won't upload. 


Thanks for reading, I'm hoping someone can provide any insight into the matter. I've attached logs and (zipped) raster file. 


Kind regards,

Callum Reid