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Question re managing AGOL feature services.

Question asked by HFieldsendesriuk-esridist Employee on Nov 4, 2019

Is it possible to make fields mandatory – not allow null’s (or change them to not mandatory and allow nulls if they already are) after a service has been created?

ArcGIS Pro does not appear to allow this - though you can put a tick in the box to allow nulls in the “Design | Fields” dialog, it will not save the changes and existing ticks are greyed out.  I have also tried updating the layer definition by adding “/admin” into the service URL and altering the layer definition (as you would to change the maximum number of features returned), but although it reports as having updated, no changes are made.

 I thought perhaps it was failing because there are null values in that field already, but I have tried when all features had an attribute populated and received the same response.

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