Using StoryMaps with class

Discussion created by bem08c on Nov 1, 2019
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Hi all, 


I work at a university in a position where I assist faculty with GIS needs. I often get requests to teach storymaps to non GIS classes that are doing research on a specific topic. Normally the professor wants each student to participate in the storymap creation and would like to end up with a single storymap that represents their research. 


The problem with this is that getting 30 students to work on a single storymap is a mess. I normally convince them to do individual storymaps or work in groups, but then they don't end up with the single final product. 


Has anyone run into this issue? Right now my best suggestion to professors is to pick the best storymap at the end of the course and use that to represent their research. 


(the need for a single storymap normally arises for research collaboration with outside partners that would like a single deliverable)