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Why don't relates work within Portal

Question asked by GISJim121 on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by GISJim121

Hi there, I am having the hardest time with Portal functionality and relates.  I am publishing a map service from ArcMap Desktop 10.7.1 to our new instance of Portal for ArcGIS (10.7.1).  The map service contains a parcel layer with a table that I have related to.


When I initially view the content within the map scene in Portal, the relate functionality works.  However, after creating and saving a web map the functionality is lost.


After troubleshooting the issue I decided to republish the map service with objectid, shape_area, shape_length.  Again, I view the map service within the map scene in Portal and this time there is no relate.  What is going on???


This type of behavior also existed when using Enterprise 10.5.1.  I really want to like the software but I have yet to have a successful story with Enterprise.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.