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Landing Page controlled by user account

Question asked by liamharrington_missin_OSR on Oct 31, 2019
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I understand that we can now use Hub behind an organisation so only members of the AGOL organisation can see the sites and pages.  Thanks, this is a great development and opens up this tool for us. 


What I am wondering/hoping for is that, now that a user must log on to access the site, we can improve their custom experience.  What I would like to do is that if someone from Sales logs on, they are taken to the Sales Site home page.  If someone from Operations logs on they are taken to the Operations Site home page.  No clicking to navigate, it just opens in front of them.


Taking this further, if someone from Operations logs on and they are based in our Singapore office they are take to the Operations site, Singapore Page (for example).


I know I can create links etc. so that all sites/pages can be navigated but too many clicks to get them to their natural landing page will make adoption that much harder.  


Is this possible or in the pipeline.