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Creating a cost surface, but weighing the overlay is causing odd results

Question asked by dokeianos on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Dan_Patterson



So I'm trying to create a cost surface pretty much in line with ESRI's tutorial. I have a DEM for elevation, a .tif for ground cover, and a polyline for hydrological data. I ran slope on the DEM and then reclassified it along a 1-10 scale. It seems fine to me: 



Then I took my .tif and also reclassed it along a 1-10 scale. It also seems fine:


I took the polyline and turned it into a raster. I then reclassified it into "4" for the lines (because I want them to have a moderate cost) and "NODATA" for everything else. It's not much to look at but that doesn't matter at this point: 


But when I go to weighted overlay and try to run these things together, the result is a bunch of squares and rectangles that patchily follow the line raster, as can be seen here. (The lines themselves are from the other reclassified layer).




So somewhere I probably made a basic mistake, and it likely has something to do with that polyline->raster transformation and its integration here. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, and could point me towards some information on how to fix it? Thanks for your time.