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Refreshing SQL to FGDB Joined Data set

Question asked by WestonBRC on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by jskinner-esristaff

Hi all!

I'm pretty new to ArcGIS (Pro) so I apologize if my question might seem basic. Thanks in advance for any help or direction. Here's where I'm at:


I have a Feature Class (polygon) that represents land tracts in a US County, we'll call that layer Tracts. I also have a database that stores a list of every Contract we have for that Tract, we'll call that layer/table Contracts; this layer is made using the Add Data > Query Layer tool in order to pull the data from the SQL DB. That relationship is a One to Many, Tracts (1) to Contracts(M). 



From what I understand about ArcGIS Pro, it doesn't like joining One to Many relationships, so I can either use a relate or the Make Query Table tool. I opted for the Make Query Table because I need the user to be able to click on a Tract and see all related contracts and additionally, I need to symbolize the Layer in a way that allows the user to see when Contracts are expiring; I'm using graduated symbols to turn the entire Tract polygon a certain color when an expiration date is within some time frame.


Here's the problem I'm facing: when we updated the data in the database, I can't figure out how to update the data in my map. I've updated my database value as a test, but the data point in my map hasn't/won't update. I am looking for a way to automatically update my map to reflect changing DB values so that I don't have to go through every step each time I open the software.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!