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Arcade symbology expression for custom groups

Question asked by jmcmeek5 on Oct 30, 2019
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Looking to see if someone would be able to assist in generating an Arcade expression that I would like to apply to an internal REST service.

It is a tree inventory layer (800,000+ features) that I would like to create 3 custom groups (High, Medium and Low Risk) based on the tree species name.

Based on these three groups, I want to change the point symbology to either a red colour for high-risk, orange point for medium-risk and yellow colour for low-risk trees. 


I have attempted to do create it but with no luck.  The script below seems to generate only the Low-Risk group when added to arcgis pro.


Script as of now:

var name = $feature.BOTANICAL_NAME

if (name == "Quercus*"|| name == "Acer*"|| name == "Picea*") {

return "High Risk" }
if (name == "Betula*" || name =="Fagus*"|| name =="Salix*" || name =="Juglans*" || name =="Gleditsia*" || name =="Malus*" || name =="Prunus*" ) {
return "Medium Risk"}

else {

return "Low Risk" }

I never claimed to be good at scripting by the way!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!