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Best way to relate a list of references to a shapefile?

Question asked by JessRutherford on Oct 29, 2019
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I am not too sure if this is the forum I should be directing this question to, however I am seeking some advice on what is the best way to create a relationship between a shapefile and another table? Specifically, I have a geodatabase that contains a shapefile of geological Faults and then have a Excel table which contains a list of references specific to each Fault in my database. I have looked to see if in Arcmap tools of Join or Relate could be useful, or if using the Relationship Class and Create attachment tools in Arc Catalogue would be better. 


Basically I am trying to create the same type of database as the US Quaternary Faults interactive Map (link here ArcGIS Web Application) with the associated popups. 

In this application there is a related tables section that has appended the Fault Reference table to each fault (see image below)_. I would like to recreate this, and I am unsure of how to or the best way to do this is? 

If someone could kindly lead me in the right direction I would be grateful.