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Problems with file geodatabases on a network server

Question asked by JHYoung on Oct 29, 2019
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I am aware of a known issue that causes frequent errors (General Function failure) when a File GDB is referenced on a Windows 10 server environment. When this occurs the application needs to be restarted to re-establish a connection to the data. We have a small number of ArcGIS users at our site but suffer from this problem several times every day, with both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. The established workaround appears to be to change the Windows group policy settings from 'Replace' to 'Update', which sounds simple. Our IT department have ruled this out of hand saying it is against Microsoft recommendations and it is not possible to make a change for the few ArcGIS users because the change would impact all users in the organisation and other applications would not work if we changed the setting. They are implying that changes can only be done globally (per organisation, across multiple servers), not per user, user group, or single server.


Has anyone had first-hand experience of this problem? Did your IT department change the group policy settings to resolve the problem and was this change complex to implement? Has anyone had similar push back from their IT department for group policy changes? We have less than 10 ArcGIS users but 300+ using the network; perhaps the workaround is only feasible for smaller organisations where impact is lower?  


Any insight on the implementation and impact of the group policy changes workaround would be much appreciated.