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Questions to Survey123 webhooks

Question asked by deleted-user--2hDb5YTmQS1 on Oct 29, 2019
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We want to send survey data via webhook to FME Server. In a first test case we already managed to establish the webhook communication from Survey123 to FME Server (and process the data within FME). Nevertheless, some questions arose which I hope to get answered here in GeoNet. The setting is that the customer only wants to use ArcGIS Enterprise, not ArcGIS Online.



Is it correct that the webhook cannot be configured in ArcGIS Enterprise directly but only on the Survey123 website?

  • Any explanation for that?



The Survey123 website wants to connect my ArcGIS Enterprise account.

  • Does that mean that I am finally working with ArcGIS Online after all and that ArcGIS Online accesses my ArcGIS Enterprise? (That’ s what the customer does not admit.)
  • Do I need an ArcGIS Online account to use the Survey123 website?



If I connect the Survey123 website with my ArcGIS Enterprise, how does that work?

  • Which data is sent to the internet, which data is stored outside of my ArcGIS Enterprise and what does Survey123 access in my environment?



The survey data is sent in JSON format to the webhook.

  • How about images, are they also sent to the webhook? (It didn’t work in our test case.)
  • How can I access the webhook sent images?


Thanks for any help, best regards.