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Drawing Polygons by Points

Question asked by danlunsford on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by rborchert

I'm currently mapping parking spaces along city rights-of-way (mostly parallel parking).  What I'm trying to do (if it's possible) is to draw a line along each roadway section, use the Construct Points tool to place points at 18' intervals, then somehow tell ArcMap, "draw a 9'x18' polygon centered on each point".  I know there's a Fishnet function that sounds like it might do something similar, but I don't have access to that tool nor the "Feature to Polygon" tool that Advanced has.


I'm not a strong user of ArcMap - I use it everyday to look at city maps but when it comes to editing/creating new maps my skills aren't great.  Can anyone recommend a good way to draw these parking spaces along miles and miles of roadway without having to manually draw each and every 9'x18' spot, using basic ArcMap tools ?