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Survey123 3.6.157 not syncing with ArcGIS Online

Question asked by deleted-user-BnQZYwGpWEA5 on Oct 27, 2019
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Hi Survey123 team,

I have an issue with Survey123 I hope you can give me a hand with. Two of my users are not able to sync two of the survey123 forms with ArcGIS Online, the issue is similar to the one below:


The iOS survey123 - 3.6.157 - app got stuck in “getting information”.. and does not avance from there.

One of the forms has 8 records and the second one 173. None of them sync on their phones.

I tested on my phone and it worked fine. I have the same version of iOS on my phone and Survey123 app.   



- Iphone OS: 13.1.3

- Survey123 app 3.6.157

- Survey123 connect:3.6.137


Kind regards,