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Geoprocessing "Summerize Within" incomplete results

Question asked by mda220_pennstate on Oct 28, 2019

I am having an unusual issue with the "summarize within" tool in ARC Pro where it seems to process my data and return with some blanks.


Acknowledging that the data sets I'm performing the summery on are fairly large, I'm uncertain why I would apparently be loosing values.

I have a polygon shapefile of 1 KM USNG grid cells that make up the state of Arizona, it is 298,606 features. I run a summarize within geoprocessing tool for a point layer of 2,303,507 residential parcel points in order to find the number of homes in each 1 KM grid cell. I select "keep all input polygons" as I want to know the grid cells without parcel points as well as those that do.  Each time I run the summarize within, the process completes and I can visibly see features are missing from the new layer compared to the original USNG grid layer. Opening the attribute table for the new layer it will at first, state it has the same number of features as the original (298,606) but after sorting the data, it resets and reads the real values : 297,457 or 296,553 the last two attempts I had made for the tool. I am uncertain what is the cause of it repeatedly omitting some values.


is there some known cause for this issue or some suggested work around to ensure all of my data is being captured in the summarize within it would be greatly appreciated


Thank you!

Michael Andersons


original data:

summerize within originial


original data in brown, new data in blue, missing summarized values seen in areas appearing brown, missing values in attribute table.

summerize within geoprocess fail