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get more realistic landscape for 3D ArcGIS WebScene

Question asked by andrescastillo08 Champion on Oct 25, 2019
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In my webscene, I am using the default Esri elevation layer:


WorldElevation3D/Terrain3D (ImageServer) 



Although the terrain does show variation in the land surface, trees and Buildings remain flat, as shown in the picture






I'd like to have at least the trees/bushes be more realistic without having to manually create multiple 3D features (which would be very impractical for showing scenes word-wide) in a Globe Scene to represent realistic terrain.


Also, I am using Portal for ArcGIS WebScenes, and I don't see a way to exaggerate the ground layer.


Is there imagery, or world-wide 3D data available to accomplish what I want?




Sorry for all the @Mentions below, but I figured I'd reach out to some the greatest 3D professionals in the world that I've heard of:

Chris Andrews

Ivonne Seler

Philip Mielke

Eric Krause

Keith VanGraafeiland

Khalid Duri

Ken Field

Nathan Shephard

William Morrish

Tamrat Belayneh

Jie Chang

Lindsay Weitz

Stephen Heidelberg

Gianluca Miele

Javier Gutierrez

Javier Martínez Gutierrez

Michael Contreras

Kristian Ekenes

Jinwu Ma

Gert Van Maren

Phil Sanchez

Janett Baresel

Russell Roberts

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