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Web AppBuilder near me widget filter doesn't work

Question asked by josh.cone_DDC on Oct 25, 2019



I created a web app in AGOL and used a hosted feature layer. I then add the Near Me widget and configured it to return results within a certain diameter from that layer. In addition, I also crated a filter in the near me widget that used an expression with a operator of "is" and added all the values within a certain field using the "predefined" input type. 


However, the filter part of this widget doesn't appear to work. First thing I notice is that the layer appears to be loading in the filter tab and does not completely load. Once I drop a pin or search for a location and a buffer is created, when I pick one of the values from the drop down and click apply nothing is filtered.


I dont know whether this is a bug or if anyone can recreate it but it seems be a useful widget but not when it doesn't work